Customer Testimonials


One of the best ways to choose a care center is by listening to people with direct experience. Here's what customers have to say.

Jan 16, 2019
Google Retama Manor Nursing Center/Harlingen
Clean, inviting and warm environment for the resident and family. Mom has been a resident for close to 3 yrs. The staff work hard to attend to her medical needs and keep the family informed of health changes. I love the daily activities, music, holiday parties and Sunday services that engage all residents. My siblings & I are thankful that Retama Manor provides our mom with outstanding care. ❤
Jan 15, 2019
Google Heritage Manor Healthcare Center
My uncle and father in law were both at Heritage Manor Healthcare in Flint. They both received amazing skilled nursing care . This facility comes highly recommended by me.
Jan 14, 2019
Google Nature Trail Health Care Center
This was a great experience. My mom had a hard time when she learned she had to put dad in a center like this for rehab after a recent hospital stay. After she experienced the care, compassion and kindness from the staff she felt comforted in knowing he's taken care of. They treat their patients well. Some of the comforting things I noticed, were if they don't like the dinner, they'll give them something they do like. They care. You'll see nurses singing with the ladies. You'll see them giving patients hugs who might be crying. You'll also see them helping the patients who aren't eating. My dad is a fall risk and they're very protective of him and even have him hanging out with them at the nurses station so he doesn't get up and fall. It's refreshing to experience a place who cares and if you're looking for that I highly recommend them. Kindest, Jennifer Kahtz
Jan 13, 2019
Google Arlington Heights Health and Rehabilitation Center
This facility is old and needs to be painted. The rooms look dismal. But the staff has been stellar! I esp appreciate Agnes and Peggy. They went above and beyond for me when my friend died. I was distraught. They put their arms around me and comforted me. They made sure her son got the money I left for him to have dinner. That was after they searched for him. Thank you, you wonderful, caring nurses. 💓💓💓Thank you to all of you who cared for my beautiful friend Lois. It means a lot.
Jan 12, 2019
Caring Lebanon Health and Rehabilitation Center
My dad is living in Lebanon Health and Rehabilitation Center. The appearance is not fancy, but it’s nice, clean and well-kept. I'm very happy with the care my dad has received. The staff is very helpful and physical therapy is really working hard with him. They also do occupational therapy. The dining area is very nice. The price is reasonable.
Jan 11, 2019
Google Sunset Manor
My uncle is in his last moments and Erin was so sweet, sweet enough to let me say goodbye over the phone to him since I can't make it in time. Thank you all for taking care of my uncle.
Jan 11, 2019
Google Bride Brook Health and Rehabilitation Center
All the staff at Bride Brook take excellent care of my mother. They provide her with the best care and since she’s been a resident there, I do not worry about her. All her needs are met and they stay on top of her complete care. They are a top notch facility and I would recommend Bride Brook to anyone needing a nursing and/or rehab facility. I am glad that my mom was able to become a resident of Bride Brook. The staff are all wonderful and they have become an extension of our family.
Jan 11, 2019
Caring Bride Brook Health and Rehabilitation Center
Excellent Facility great care!!!! The rooms are good and the staff is responsive to your needs . My mother in law gets great care at Bride Brook.
Jan 11, 2019
Caring Tarzana Health and Rehabilitation Center
The LVNs and Nurses aides are very caring and competent, and get to know the residents personally. Staff members seem to be helpful to one another. Everyone does their best
Jan 9, 2019
Google Arcola Health and Rehabilitation Center
As always it's scary when you have to make the decision of putting a parent in a nursing home for rehab purposes. There is so much to be afraid of, the staff, the food, the care provided and so much more. I was faced with the tough decision of placing my 89 year old father at Arcola Health and Rehab after suffering from a mild stroke. I am an Arcola visitor from years ago when an uncle of mine spent his last days there. He was well taken care of till the end and hence I knew my dad would be taken good care of as well. He stayed at the rehab location for about a month since he needed Physical Therapy for strengthening his muscles and work on his balance. I brought him in and he was being attended to right away by the wonderful nurses and staff. He was very comfortable and enjoyed the food which helped him regain a lot of his strength back. I was so happy with his care and I trusted everyone at the facility that I went on a mini international vacation, leaving my father in their hands. My dad was someone who never liked to exercise but once he started his extensive rehab routine with the rehab team, he got hooked. He would look forward to rehab every single day and give me a report of how things went. The staff was amazing he would tell me, from Speech Therapist, Nurse, Social Worker and Rehab Team. They were kind, patient, understood his needs, gentle and they treated him as if he were their own father. There were no complaints from either him or the rehab staff. He did his workouts as told because he wanted to get better fast and come back home. They encouraged him every step of the way and told him how good he was doing. The Rehab manager was very proactive and made sure he understood what had happened to him, how he should continue his exercises at home and that she and her team were always there for him if he wanted to come in and continue rehab as an outpatient attendee. I really highly recommend Arcola Health and Rehab to anyone who is looking for high level care for their loved ones. My family had a wonderful experience and even though my father is doing better and is at home, Arcola is our family now. We keep in touch with the staff, randomly pay visits and always rave about how good they are.