Boulder Manor

Our facility provides a variety of personalized care services to help make your stay as comfortable as possible. Call us or schedule a tour to discuss what else we can do to meet your healthcare needs.

Language Assistance Services are available to individuals with limited English proficiency, upon request.

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Our patients, residents and their families regularly tell us how we're doing in our annual and discharge surveys. Their survey scores are combined to generate the average customer service rating you see here. Survey results are also used in our center's quality improvement meetings to help us improve care and better meet and exceed our customers' expectations.

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4.5 /5
6 Reviews

Sep 6, 2017
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I visit there once per month for my church. I've found the staff very friendly and helpful. I admire them for the challenges they face.
May 26, 2017
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Boulder Manor is a place I enjoy visiting . Is it the perfect best place EVER with 0 % issues? No what place is? Is it a place that WANTS to be perfect? Yes! Is it a place that cares about what needs fixed ? Yes . When I visit I am always greeted with a smile and a hello. When I ask for help I have no problem finding a willing hand! I continue to see Boulder Manor Team moving towards being the best at Loving and caring for their Residents and each other.
May 12, 2017
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I don't have personal experience of being cared for here, but my friend was so happy to come back to this "lively" place after being transferred to another facility that she hated. She has a greater appreciation, in perspective, for the care she receives from the staff and I can attest to their friendliness (and helpfulness & cleanliness) upon my recent visit.
May 12, 2016
Caring Boulder Manor
Of all of them I’ve looked at so far, I like Boulder Manor the best. The rooms were nice. We ate some good food there. I liked the staff, who were all very nice. It looked like they had a lot of different activities for men and women, like zumba and bingo, a bunch of card games, and people who come in to play music and tell stories.
Dec 7, 2012
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Finding a place for your parent to spend their last few years of life can be excruciating! I went to several places to prepare for the day my mother had to be placed in the care of someone who could tend to her daily needs. The first few places left me with the worst feelings! I sat in my car and cried my eyes out after the first one. Boulder Manor Nursing Home is far from that, I really believe that every employee I have met is there because they have a passion to take care of others. Whoever handles the staff must be very picky and dedicated to the patients to ensure that they have compassionate care takers! When the time came a year later to place my mother I was amazed all over again at the staff, they made this tragic life event bearable! I am grateful for the staff and their help. If your in need of care for your parents or whomever I would highly recommend Boulder Manor! They are not in it for the paycheck they are in it because it is their calling!