HIPAA Notifications



Sierra Vista / Berthoud

Sierra Vista Health Care Center

Berthoud Living Center

HIPAA Breach Notification for Residents

Disclosure of Protected Health Information (Substitute Notice)


The HIPAA "Privacy Rule" requires health care providers to protect any "individually identifiable health information." We would like to make you aware that on 6-15-18 we determined that a transportation calendar intended only for internal use was available on a website for residents at the above facilities.

Unfortunately, the website could be accessed by the public, if the address was known.  The information on the calendar included resident names and locations of healthcare appointments. There was no demographic information, insurance coverage, or social security numbers included.

We take the protection of residents' medical and financial information very seriously. As noted above, the purpose of the notice is to inform you of the information described above. While we believe the risk to your health information is low, we wanted to make you aware of the disclosure.

Please be advised that we continue to strive to ensure full compliance with State and Federal privacy regulations.

Should you have any questions regarding this notification, please call 404-788-8171.