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Aug 7, 2019
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Hello! My mother Annie has been a resident at HHC for two weeks. The transition for my mother, my family, and me has been smooth and pleasant. Before, deciding HHC for my mom rehabilitation, and possible long-term care, I had a tour with HHC, first. My tour guide was Dianne, and she was a lot of fun, she explained how HHC day-to-day residents activities, protocols, and more runs. Dianne was welcoming, professionally dressed, and knowledgable. She defiantly enjoys working at HHC. She answered all my daughters' and I questions without any hesitations. Well done, Dianne. I must say, the LPNs, CNAs, and Director of Nursing have been outstanding throughout this process! My moms first evening at HHC was quite overwhelming for her and me. However, the LPN, Mary, helped put everything in perspective, and help us feel comfortable and at ease. Mary has been a stellar contact person for me since my mother stay. At times, I feel like Mary is my big sister. She has helped my mother and me so much. Thank you, Mary. Great job! I want to send rays of hugs and kisses to the CNA(s), Ashley, Eileen, and the RN, Leah, and Tammy in the laundry department. You ladies have been so helpful, and it has been great working with you all. The staff at HHC, as well as the residents, are friendly, helpful, pleasant, and hard working. Every time, I visit my mother, the team at HHC is always working hard and assisting their patients. Kudos to the management team at HHC! Also, thank you LeyAnn for getting my mother dinner on her first night because she had missed dinner time at HHC. I receive follow-up calls every time my mom visits with one of the doctors, SW, and, or the rehab department. HHC transported her to her doctors' appointments and ensured her medications are filled and given to her accordingly. The social worker, Cristine, has been helpful as well. If, you're, considering HHC for your family members, ask questions, be patient, and have an open mind. And when it comes to your family members clothing, do not bring anything expensive (clothing items). The laundry department tries very hard to manage all the residents personal clothing to the best of their abillities. For HHC, I wish someone in the management department would have done a family intake counseling with me. In all, I am happy with the care and services my mother has received at HHC. Thanks a million! 4.5 Stars rating for HHC!!! Annie's daughter, Kita :D
Jul 23, 2019
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Best experience, period. My brother has been visiting often and I have spent the last couple of days onsite from out of stare. This is the best experience I could ask for! The staff is caring, engaged, active and very hands on. The clinicians, case workers, office staff, housekeeping... all of them approach their work with passion and a smile. I could not be happier to have my mom at this facility.
Jul 17, 2019
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I have been at hope close to a year. I really enjoyed staying at hope. I like my nurses and my nurses assistants especially pam gretchen hilene diane and activities. Also therapy helped me get back on my feet and i am going home. Especially jas christene aric ofcourse the manager. I feel very comfortable staying here but iam going home. Thank you hope for everything god bless all. Bye bye.
Jul 9, 2019
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I really enjoyed myself at hope I met very interesting people all the nursing people are very nice they helped me all the time. I came long way and therapy people took me from no where to some where and now I am heading back home I highly recommend hope clinic to everybody need help.
Jul 2, 2019
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Working with therapist at hope health care has been wonderful. Amy christene Nandi and all of them are nice and has been very professional and friendly. They helped me get back home. I would strongly recommend the place.