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Language Assistance Services are available to individuals with limited English proficiency, upon request.

3.7 /5
792 Reviews

Our patients, residents and their families regularly tell us how we're doing in our annual and discharge surveys. Their survey scores are combined to generate the average customer service rating you see here. Survey results are also used in our center's quality improvement meetings to help us improve care and better meet and exceed our customers' expectations.

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4.9 /5
19 Reviews

Aug 29, 2019
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My uncle was recently here. No complaints. Great therapy team! Nurses are excellent!
May 13, 2019
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The place was so nice, the nurses took care of me, one took really good care of me right after I got out if you know what I mean(lets just say she was full service lol, I'd give her 6 stars)
Sep 27, 2018
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What a nice building this is. The workers are very friendly and helpful. I was honored they asked me to do a review. They have business cards all over the building so if there are any problems, we can contact management anytime. We've had a great experience. My mom loves it. They have something I have never seen before. They have seniors from the community who come and hang out together and have breakfast every week in the lobby. These seniors also visit the patients in the building. My mom loves this and enjoys brownies and coffee with them. It's nice to see that management welcomes this type of a home atmosphere. I could sing their praises all day.
Sep 4, 2018
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This is the second time my uncle is at this nursing home. Experience has been great both times. We put him there after a fall the first time and an infection and another fall the second time. He is very happy and says he enjoys the staff and spending time with other patients. I recommend Southpointe to others
Sep 4, 2018
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My mom has gone from nursing home to nursing home for 2 years now. Her health has been declining and I work in the healthcare industry so when experiences don't go well, I move her right away. She has been at Southpointe for a month now and I cant begin to express how grateful I am for the experience so far. I am not one to write reviews and I am trying to get better at this. I remembered they recommended us writing a review when my mom first came in to the nursing home so I wanted to make sure I took the time to write one. The customer service has been great, she is happy with her aides and nurses. I told her I was writing a review and she asked that I say how great her care givers are and that she loves her therapy as well. She said she attended bingo and it was the most fun she's had in a nursing home. My mother has done so much for me and seeing how happy this place makes her, is the best thing I could ask for. Thank You to the staff at Southpointe for showing my mom what caring for someone really means.